Hello and welcome to Anzenkai - a loosely knit network of meditating friends from different backgrounds and traditions! 

The purpose of Anzenkai is to support daily practice of zazen meditation, and to explore the meeting of Christianity and Buddhism.

My name is Gustav and meditation means a lot to me. After receiving Dharma transmission from my Zen teacher, Gudo Nishijima Roshi, in Japan 2004, I was ordained as a priest in the Lutheran Church of Sweden in 2010. I live with my family in UmeƄ in northern Sweden, where I work as a hospital and prison chaplain.

Anzenkai is a Japanese word that I suggested to Nishijima as a name for this network. He liked it and made a calligraphy of the three characters. He explained that An means peace, zen is meditation, and kai indicates a meeting place. It is also a play on words. Anzen, pronounced in the same way but written with different Japanese characters, also means safety.

If you would like to read more about Nishijima Roshi and my reflections from along the way, I have published a book called My Christian Journey with Zen, available here.